Chris Alway

address: 30 Albert St, Clare SA 5453

My art moves freely between traditional and abstract, inspired by history, drawing, design and a taste for the unexpected. I paint in watercolour because no other medium can create such luminous skies, fluid marks and deep perspective.  Watercolour has capacity for stronger colour and conceptual inventiveness than many people realise.  A jeweller in my early years, I tend to detail my work with refracted light, reminiscent of crystals and metals. Also a psychologist, I am open to both imaginative and scientific ways of seeing. Art draws these different facets of my life together.

I currently live in Clare and work across two careers, being both a practicing psychologist and a professional artist. Australian born and raised in Adelaide, I initially studied Fine Arts/Art History as part of my Bachelor degree at Flinders Uni (1978) and qualified as a psychologist at Adelaide Uni (1979). I completed a Diploma of Art Teaching at Bendigo CAE (1981) and then taught art in high schools for several years. I am currently employed as a senior psychologist in education services. An artist once said I was too strong a drawer to become a painter.  Challenged by this, I took up painting seriously in 2005 and won my first Rotary Art show award in the same year.

October 2011, over lunch at a Pub in Kapunda, a group of friends (Gerhard Ritter, Alan L Ramachandran, Hans Koppan and myself) jovially proposed the need for a South Australian Watercolour Society. After a few weeks of well orchestrated action, resolve and artful negotiation, SAWS had become a reality and I was a SAWS Founding Committee Member.  I consider my greatest art honour to have been elected by peer review to the Fellowship of the Royal SA Society of Arts (2012).

Recent Prizes and Awards:

2009 - Merit, Burra Portraiture Competition, ‘Sarah’
2009 - Commendation, Clare Rotary Art Show, Watercolour, ‘Crimson Mirage’
2009 - Commendation, Balco Balaklava Art Show, Portrait Section, ‘Romani Spirit’
2010 - Commendation, Clare Rotary Art Show, Clare Valley Section, ‘Riesling Patterns’
2010 - Merit, Royal SA Society of Arts, Summer exhibition, ‘Lilly’
2011 - First Prize, Burra Portraiture Competition, ‘Lilly’
2011 - Open First Prize, Peterborough Art Show, ‘Bush Nymph’
2011 - Peoples’ Choice, Clare-Gilbert Valley Easter Art Show, ‘The Wine Shed’

2011 - Commendation, Clare Rotary Art Show, Clare Valley, ‘Wine Track’
2011 - Two Merits, Royal SA Society of Arts SALA, ‘Leasingham Patterns’ & ‘Wine Track’
2011 – RSASA Associate Membership awarded
2011 - People’s Choice Award, RSASA Arts SALA Exhibition, ‘Leasingham Patterns’
2011 – Best in Show, Kidman Rotary Art Show, Kapunda, ‘Wine Track Patterns’

2012 - Elected to the Fellowship of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts.