Lorraine Brown

Website: www.lorrainebrownwatercolours.com

Blogsite: http://lorrainebrownwatercolours.blogspot.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LorraineBrownWatercolours

Watercolours  have become my passion and I paint every day.

The thrill of the surprising results this exciting medium offers makes it addictive. Though a technique, choice of colour or subject can be repeated it is when you make your mark on the paper and the pigment combined with water fuses and flows that you are guaranteed a unique result every time.

I enjoy mostly composing intuitively starting the painting  with my chosen subject in my mind and seeing what happens with the pigment and water and then working with the result. I rarely use a sketch as I do not like the feeling of staying between the lines but prefer to be loose and be guided with what is happening in front of me.